About us

We know that one picture is worth more than a thousand words, nevertheless we have created the Decalogue of the Tender Nihilist, which defines a bit what is undefined. We have always been interested in elusiveness, yet at the same time we wanted to share something tangible and sensual with you. We have longed for the old, wonderful world, which is a reason we have created a perfume manufacture.

The magic of smell is that it cannot be sent via optical fibers. It is intimate and private, immersed in memories and individual experiences. It demands to be experienced in its singularity, in an encounter between two bodies, chemical and human.

The perfumes that we create under the Tender Nihilists brand evoke elegance, class, chic and charm, with a pinch of casualness and retro style. Our first creations included two fragrances, namely Tender Nihilists L’eau de Parfum N°1 and N°2 as well as Tender Nihilists D’OR. This year, we have launched two new fragrances, namely Élan Vital Rouge and Élan Vital Vert. They refer to Henri Bergson’s philosophy, according to which “élan vital” – vital force – forms the basis for spiritual and artistic activity. Another perfume that reflects our creative evolution.

Karol Jaśkowiak, a perfumer, created the fragrance compositions, and all perfumes to date have been recognized and classified by global fragrantica.

We create limited collections and unique handicrafts in exclusive packaging. Visit our store for detailed descriptions of fragrance notes and opinions of those who have already wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.