Élan Vital Rouge


Top notes: Sicilian orange, marigold, currant leaf
Heart notes: rhubarb, romascone
Base notes: lilac flower, chilled soft drink

Extremely invigorating, remarkably sweet perfume. Over time, it releases its smoothness and juiciness. The fragrance is stimulating and refreshing, the base is creamy and smooth. It is energetic and long-lasting, yet light. It is made with absolute mastery as a tribute to freshness and tenderness.

Élan vital means “vital impetus” or “vital, creative force” that drives the development of the world of living creatures and makes it dynamic. This term was coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson and provides the basis of spiritual and artistic activity. Another perfume that reflects our creative evolution.

It comes as limited series of 250 pieces in 50 ml bottles.

Below are opinions of those who wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.

Rouge bowled me over from the very first sniff and I quickly run out of the sample. I ordered a bottle. First the fragrance: it is cheerful, playful, lively, and you really feel the bubbles. Beautiful packaging only crowns the work. Or rather, it would crown it, were it not for the fact that it must give in to the client. I am obsessed with Tender Nihilists and their work, and stunned by Rouge, in which I would like to bathe!

I picked up the perfume and tested it. Red Rouge is sheer bliss. Green Vert is also fantastic, and I will be happy to wear it, but Rouge screams and definitely draws attention to a person wearing it. My fiancée is shocked that such rich-smelling, complex and multi-layered fragrance could be made. Thank you.

My adventure has begun, I am wearing the scent of red today and I am on my way to the office. It feels good to wear it, it brings back the sweet taste of childhood, it fizzes up on the skin and its sweetness is not overwhelming at all.

Rouge is sweet, but this sweetness is not tiring. At some level, the fragrance reminds me of immensely popular perfume, the name of which has slipped my mind. Red Rouge is better for me, because its sweetness is more delicate. I can feel the notes of chamomile. Not chamomile tea used to treat a wide range of health issues but the wild flower growing naturally.

The red one is insane, I am as in love with it as much as with the previous series. I have become addicted to this fragrance and I hope for more in the future.

The perfume was delivered and I must admit I was not particularly impressed with it, but after a while, when the fragrance settled, I felt how divine it is!!!

Interestingly enough, my dog loves these scents and wants to sniff them. Congratulations on such interesting fragrance compositions. They are fascinating, it almost feels as if pheromones were added to the perfume. It has been a long time since I wore something so intriguing.

The perfume was delivered. I have begun enjoying the fragrance. Rouge is original, delicate, a bit sweet and elegant.

This perfume was a gift and I liked it so much that I want to buy a few bottles to spare.

It cheers me up when someone tries to do something cool. You are going in the right direction. I keep my fingers crossed for you and I hope that your popularity that is just around the corner will not make your head swell.