L’eau de Parfum N°2


Top notes: poplar buds from the Kłodzko Valley, dried fruit
Heart notes: tobacco, leather, cloves
Base notes: bitter almond oil camphor, tonka beans, musk

Unique handicrafts. The perfume comes with hand-sewn satin and velour pouches with our Decalogue threaded onto it. Concave-convex adornment was embossed on the PurCotonCocaine paper with the use of hundred-year-old machines. It is manufactured with loving care. We put emotions, time and commitment into these fragrance compositions.

The capacity of the bottles is 30 ml.

Below are opinions of those who wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.

When I read the reviews, I was not sure that this fragrance would suit me and match my skin. I thought it would not go well with my ego, temperament or ideas of what really suits me. I would not buy it sight unseen, but thanks to the samples I have slowly become addicted to this fragrance: specific, poignant, rough like wood bark, gradually developing into bitter scents, dry but sweet... tobacco and cloves.

This fragrance smells a bit like a fairy tale, a magic garden, and – due to clove note – “Arabian Nights”, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales. Extraordinary product. Thank you.

Stunningly, unbelievably beautiful fragrance.

There are moments and emotions that are unspeakable. It is better to translate them into silence, music or... The fragrance that makes you feel like you are wrapped up in it. Thank you.

It is overwhelming, lovely. Thank you!

It is undoubtedly cold Pepsi in glass mixed with – for thermal balance – a warm look of Ryan Gosling, who additionally smells of cloves for Christmas. Both fragrances are unique and multi-layered. I am glad that I could try them out.

Fragrance No. 2 is clearly spicy and sweet. Strong top notes change into a clove-cinnamon note, to visibly calm down in the base. Then the benzoin takes over, creating a soft, sweet aura with a tone of musk.

Sensual like a successful date when dinner turns into a memorable evening. Delicate cloves combined with the scent of leather and fresh and moist tobacco. It stays on my skin all day long, which is what I feared the most. I can still feel the fragrance on my clothes the next day.

The quality of workmanship and the scent are amazing. Nothing mass-produced compares to them.

A woman wrapped in this scent smells a bit strange at first, like Madame Chauchat might have smelled. However, as we know from “The Magic Mountain”, what is unheard of, and even seemingly bizarre, turns into a stunning scent of desire for a remarkable, eccentric woman. This is what the Berghof sanatorium, the Hourglass Sanatorium could have smelt like. The scent of a bit embarrassing desire, when one desires a woman not to the level of her lips, but to her core.

I love it, love it, love it! Remarkably beautiful perfume.