Élan Vital Vert


Top notes: absinthe, pineapple sage
Heart notes: narcissus absolute, pomelo, spirogalbanone
Base notes: pistachio tree resin, vetiver

The fragrance is deep, fresh and mesmerizing. Very volatile and three-dimensional. Herbal overtones are immersed in invigorating greenery. It is energetic and long-lasting, yet light. It is made with absolute mastery as a tribute to freshness and tenderness.

On the top of the box, organic elements added to the fragrance compositions are embossed while on the bottom of it, the Tender Nihilist’s Decalogue is provided.

Élan vital means “vital impetus” or “vital, creative force” that drives the development of the world of living creatures and makes it dynamic. This term was coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson and provides the basis of spiritual and artistic activity. Another perfume that reflects our creative evolution.

It comes as limited series of 250 pieces in 50 ml bottles.

Below are opinions of those who wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.

I am now one of this perfume happy owners. I am not a fragrance specialist, and I will not comment on the smell nuances. It makes me think of the beginning of autumn. The smell of wormwood and sage reach your nostrils first. There is something sweet and delicate between these two. Over time, the smell becomes deeper. It is clearly green. To me, it is the smell of an ancient forest and its undergrowth: mossy stones, a flowing stream, the sun breaking through the thicket. The fragrance stays with you for a very long time. It is not intrusive or rough. You can wrap yourself in it like a wanderer shrouded in fog on an autumn morning. It is brilliant.

I am delighted. I would go to a yoga class right away wearing this perfume. It is extraordinary, spiritual. It must have been made by an artist, no doubt about it. Congratulations. I am wrapped in it from head to toes.

My first impression: I am stunned! These fragrances are magical. Oh! pistachio borax with wormwood on the edge! How to come down to earth?! While for me, fragrance No. 2 is primarily sexy, these two just took me to the land of magic.

I do not know how you do it, but I have not come across such multi-dimensional fragrances so far, and I have a hundred bottles of the so-called niche perfume. The perfume is beautiful, so close to skin yet with so much space! I wear it with Bois Imperial at one time, but you guys are just more interesting. Congratulations.

Vert is beautiful. Bitter, rainy, fresh, yet wonderfully warm at the same time. Like a stern, inaccessible look of a handsome man with a beard from a library that you want to keep in an envelope for a rainy day. I want to hug myself, dance and then sit barefoot outside my bedroom door. Thank you.

I am enjoying the fragrance. Pomelos without those lemon scents that I honestly do not like. Just like sweet candy scents. But I do like this delicate, rough, bitter green grapefruit fragrance. Another favorite one from you.

You have carved out quite a niche. I love such forest-woody notes with a bit of mystery.

I am genuinely impressed that one can create something so imperceptible! These smells are unbelievable. Totally mine.

The green perfume is very delicate, fresh. It smells of wet, crushed ivy.

I am so happy that someone in Poland has the courage to hand-make perfume. I know how much time it takes and how engaging it is. I appreciate you even more.

I will not be able to measure up the paeans and streams of consciousness on the website. I do not even dare try any more. The perfume simply smells like that rejuvenating swamp liniment that Margarita rubbed in when she went to meet the Master.