L’eau de Parfum D’OR


Top notes: turmeric absolute, summer lilac, goldenrod
Heart notes: buckwheat honey, timbersilk, hot quartz
Base notes: white oud, liatrix, amber

Warm, resinous, honeyed, slightly animal, dense with a sandy-golden overtone. Each bottle contains a few particles of Baltic amber found in the algae on the beach after a storm.

Unique handicrafts. The perfume comes with hand-sewn satin and velour pouches with our Decalogue threaded onto it. Concave-convex golden adornment was embossed on paper imitating leather with the use of hundred-year-old machines. It is manufactured with loving care. We put emotions, time and commitment into these fragrance compositions.

The capacity of the bottles is 30 ml.

Below are opinions of those who wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.

The perfume is beautiful, unique, extraordinary, multi-layered and extremely long-lasting. Simply fabulous. Thank you!

You can go into the crowd wearing it and feel like you have your own space and haven despite the crowd.

It is demanding, deeply penetrating and unforgettable. The strongest of all three products, it becomes sweet in the base, which makes it similar to Bowmake.

First of all, it makes you feel like you are wrapped up. Second of all, the first impression is pleasantly pharmacy. But it goes by very quickly. I do not know all these ingredients, but the fragrance is non-overwhelming, and at the same time perceptible and long-lasting. It brings to mind a mix of intellect and sex appeal. Maria Skłodowska would certainly wear it. And Peter Curie, too. It is so herbal-powdery. The fragrance is perfect for autumn and winter, there is something about it that I cannot define. It is interesting and extraordinary. I like it more every day.

Let me put it briefly: artistry. I put it on the shelf next to Bottega, Tom Ford or Hermes. I hope I will be able to buy a second set soon, because I know it is unique and I want to wear this perfume for a long time.

Well, all fragrances are bohemian, they bring decadence and absinthe to mind. D’OR is a strong, but original and unique perfume. However, it is a remarkable and beautiful fragrance.

When you spray the D’OR mist on, the adrenaline disappears, taken over by endorphins. I sensed intuitively it was going to be fine, but the reality was beyond any expectations. Absolute proficiency! These are probably just my flashbacks, but this smell takes me to Morocco, where the natives offer Maghrebi mint tea.

And the delivery time is unbeatable! What fascinates me the most about the fragrance is the way it takes from the moment you put it on (top note) to what it turns into at the end (base note). This fragrance doesn’t compare to anything I know, and I know a lot of it.

I use D’OR passionately! It is warm and cool at the same time. Goldenrod, hay bathed in sunlight with honey and mint, which is not on the list of ingredients. Over time, the fragrance composition reminds me of Soul of the Forest MM. The smell is beautiful, spacious, long-lasting. It makes me feel dreamlike when I enter a room. Thank you for it!

It is immoral! These smells are insane! Never withdraw them! I want them all! You are magicians.