L’eau de Parfum N°1


Top notes: geranium, galbanum, bergamot
Heart notes: moist soil, cypriol, powder
Base notes: leather, oak moss

Unique handicrafts. The perfume comes with hand-sewn satin and velour pouches with our Decalogue threaded onto it. Concave-convex adornment was embossed on the PurCotonCocaine paper with the use of hundred-year-old machines. It is manufactured with loving care. We put emotions, time and commitment into these fragrance compositions.

The capacity of the bottles is 30 ml.

Below are opinions of those who wrapped themselves in a haze of tenderness.

So, after a series of sprays and tests, I conclude that No. 1 could be the background for the ‘66 Le Mans movie. To me, it smells like a hot white auto body and a bit of dust from the 1960s racetrack. It also makes me think about the sun on the skin and white Miami Vice suits.

I have never smelled such a magical scent in my life. I cannot stop sniffing my wrists... This smell is amazing, so... aristocratic. It smells like an old temple: mysteriously, majestically. It reminds me of old wooden benches, light smell of incense, smoke, leather, wood. The fragrance carries you back to the past, brings back special moments that have been buried in your memory. It is magnificent! Thank you!

The perfume is beautiful. Remarkable. Subtle. Delicate. It emphasizes one’s unique personality in the crowd. It smells like a forest or skin after spring rain with a hint of powder applied for a romantic walk.

The fragrance is harsh and sophisticated. When you open the bottle, the vintage fragrance of citrus will reach you first. Then comes a green, woody, powdery mix of cypriol, oak moss and galbanum.

It makes me feel delighted, emotional and joyful. I appreciate the quality, the precision of workmanship and visual elegance. The scent itself goes to the essence of the self. I am touched and incredibly pleased. Thank you!

A wonderful, decadent fragrance. It reminds me of a club room from the 1920s, filled with jazz, cigar smoke, and beautiful women. I love it from the first sniff! And I feel it on me all day long. Extremely durable.

Yesterday I felt like a human directionals in the advertising industry: I was on my way to the Philharmonic to see “Espaces acoustiques”, when some girl, out of breath, run up to me and said: “I am sorry to ask you this question, but what perfume are you wearing?